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The Capitol Hill Lobby Corps: AAUW in Action

NOTE: Lobby Corps is currently on hold due to the pandemic. Check back here for updates.

Lobby Corps members in action

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Capitol Hill Lobby Corps effectively promotes AAUW’s public policy program by actively lobbying federal policy makers.  Lobby Corps members may be committed AAUW volunteers or may be Washington DC area college students dedicated to advancing AAUW’s mission of equity and education for all women and girls.

Since its formation in 1972, the Lobby Corps has visited tens of thousands of congressional offices, making AAUW a familiar and respected name among members of Congress and their staffs on both sides of Capitol Hill and across the political spectrum.


A Trusted Presence on Capitol Hill: the Lobby Corps Training Program

In January of every year, at the beginning of each session of Congress, AAUW Lobby Corps members complete a comprehensive training program.  AAUW staff carefully brief Lobby Crops members on key policy issues and teach them how to effectively advocate AAUW’s priority issues with members of Congress and their staffs.  New Lobby Corps members are paired with experienced members, allowing time for new members to comfortably improve their skills while ensuring the accuracy and consistency of AAUW’s public policy message.

A Day in the Life of the Capitol Hill Lobby Corps

After completing the training program, and every week thereafter when Congress is in session, the Lobby Corps goes up to Capitol Hill to educate policy makers about AAUW’s policy priorities.  Each Thursday morning members are thoroughly briefed by AAUW staff on that week’s priority issues.  After the update, the Lobby Corps visits selected congressional offices, and reports helpful information to AAUW for staff follow-up and grassroots action.

What Lobby Corps Members Say:

A Lobby Corps member says “Lobby Corps is a great institution!  It educates us to go forth and try to persuade members of Congress on the validity and wisdom of our positions on public policy issues.  It brings us together to work with others who care deeply about the democratic process and about public policy matters”.

A college student intern says, “I have enjoyed volunteering with the AAUW each and every week.  Each member of your lobby corps has enriched my life in some way.  I appreciate your efforts as an organization and each woman’s efforts individually.  As a young woman, I know that many of the privileges I benefit from were influenced by your members somewhere along the way.

Capitol Hill Lobby Corps: On the Frontlines of Public Policy

The Lobby Corps is an essential source of accurate, timely information on issues such as:

Advancing gender equity in education; curbing attacks on reproductive choice; advocating the appointment of moderate jurists to federal courts; lobbying for the passage of comprehensive hate crimes prevention legislation; supporting measures to improve the accessibility and affordability of quality health care and the modernization of Medicare to meet the needs of an aging society.

Ensuring welfare reforms provide sufficient education and training to move women out of poverty; advocating the strengthening and preservation of Social Security, a guaranteed lifetime benefit that is an especially important element in the retirement security for women; promoting other public policy efforts that champion AAUW’s mission.

Why Should I Join the Capitol Hill Lobby Corps? Because Equity is Still an Issue

Lobby Corps’ influence and effectiveness flows from its representation of more than the 100,000 bi-partisan members of AAUW nationwide. Lobby Corps members network with other advocates dedicated to ensuring equity in education, the workplace, and in all aspects of women’s lives. Lobby Corps members are the catalysts for positive societal change.  Each week the Lobby Corps has the opportunity to influence and frame the public debate.

How Can I Join the Capitol Hill Lobby Corps? 

If you are a Washington DC area member of AAUW or a college student committed to AAUW’s issues, you are welcome to join the Lobby Corps.  For additional information about the Lobby Corps contact AAUW at 202/785-7793 or votered@aauw.org.

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