Branch Minutes

Minutes of the
McLean Area AAUW Branch Meeting

January 20, 2018, St. Luke’s Catholic Church Parish Hall

A. The Program: Leadership of Women in Islam

Myrtle Hendricks-Corrales introduced the program moderator, Uzma Farooq, of the Muslim
Women’s Coalition. The speakers were Sabira Qureshi, a development consultant; Ambereen
Shaffie, an attorney and head of Shaffie Law and Policy; and Mehreen Farooq, of World Organization
for Resource Development and Education.

B. Business Meeting

The Branch business meeting was called to order at 11:45 by Co-President Betsy Schroeder.
The minutes of the December 9, 2017, meeting were approved as presented.
The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.
Betsy announced that the 2018 Book Sale will be held at Spring Hill Recreation Center on August 31-September 2, Labor Day weekend. The move/set-up will occur Thursday, August 30.
The cost for use of the space will be $1,210, as it was in 2017. (The Book Sale will return to its
usual location at the McLean Community Center in 2019.)

STEMtastics program will be held March 10. There is need for 4 or 5 more volunteers. If you
can help, please contact Judy Page.

Sue Christie, Co-VP for Membership, spoke of the effort to make “Start Smart” available to all
graduating senior women from Northern Virginia colleges. The State AAUW is hoping to make
this program available throughout Virginia. The Start Smart program is a 5-hour training program, designed by AAUW National office, about negotiating one’s first salary on graduating
from college. (Many women begin their work life at salaries comparatively low and have difficulty rising up from a poor financial start later on.) Our branch has the advantage of already
putting on this program at Trinity University, and our membership VPs hope to enlist the support of other AAUW branches in Northern Virginia in offering these training workshops. The first step will be to create a working committee within our branch, to reach out and educate other branches in the area about the program and the logistics of putting on the workshops. Those volunteering for the working committee will sort out steps to take to spread the word—and to work out how we get the steps systematized.

The Nominating Committee is already at work. (The new slate will be voted on at the March
meeting.) Betsy Schroeder asked all attending to say “yes” when called. She also asked those
willing to do any particular job for the Branch to please step up and say so.

Carol Mournighan spoke about the February Branch meeting—the story of the Mount Vernon
Ladies’ Association, which purchased and restored and developed the Mount Vernon estate. The meeting will be held at the temporary McLean Community Center’s meeting room near Balducci’s.
The March meeting will be a pot luck and Annual Branch meeting. There will be a presentation
of three historical figures; members at the meeting volunteered for these mini-dramatizations.

The Book Sale is definitely on. There are 430 boxes of books already at the Sun Trust Bank in

The meeting was adjourned at noon.
Submitted by Betsy Reddaway